Exterior Painters Jacksonville

When you choose an exterior painter in Jacksonville there are aspects to consider. Will my home’s exterior be waterproof? Will it last?

Hiring Exterior Painters in Jacksonville

1. Exterior Painters Need Insurance 

Perhaps one of the most important aspects when hiring exterior painting services is adequate insurance. Many exterior painters will tell you they are insured. Accidents can happen with all types of construction, painting projects or improvements; you’ll need to know your exterior painting service is adequately licensed & insured. Ask you for proof!2. Exterior Painting Contractors Have References Any established painting company should have a long list of exterior painting references. Ask for previous customers they have done work for, professional affiliations, etc. You want to choose your exterior painters wisely and look for value, not just for the lowest pricing.

3. Exterior Painters Website

An exterior painting contractor’s Website should include info. about products, warranties, reviews and photos, a list of services, and local contact information. Sometimes this can indicate that a painting contractor is well-established in the community and will be around for many years to come. So many exterior painters come and go.​ Click here to read about 3 Paint Color Ideas for the Office.

4. Ask Prospective Exterior Painting Contractors

  • Is the exterior going to be power washed? Will they apply a “soft clean” where necessary; so as to not damage sensitive surfaces. Do they rinse thoroughly after power washing? Will plants and foliage be protected during the exterior cleaning?
  • Will the painters caulk or patch ALL voids give a complete seal? If so, what kind of caulk? There are many lower grades readily available. Inferior exterior caulk will fail after the painting contractor is gone; possibly causing moisture intrusion, wood rot repairs and damage.
  • Is primer or an sealing conditioner applied to troubled or raw surfaces? If not; the paint usually fails and peels.
  • Make sure the exterior painter sands the primer & cleans the dust residue off before applying finish paint. Painting straight over this residue causes exterior paint adhesion problems. This is most often overlooked when the exterior painters rush through the process. Cleaning promotes the best inter-coat adhesion.
  • How many coats of exterior paint will be applied? What grade exterior paint will go on your home? Some Jacksonville exterior painters use below-standard paint or don’t apply enough paint; trying to save on job costs. In the long run it’s you, the client that pays!
  • Good exterior painters should pick up daily; not leaving the job site cluttered overnight. 
  • Will the exterior painter clean and remove debris at the completion of the project? You may incur costs if you have to hire a cleaner, or dispose of paint, or job site debris.
  • Professional Jacksonville exterior painters can offer warranties. Will the manufacturer of the paint be offering any? Be sure to ask your exterior painting contractor to put warranties in writing!

5. Professional Painting Contractors Give Warranties

Again, ask your exterior painters about the warranties they offer or manufacturer warranties available. A professional painter should warranty the exterior painting project.

6. Good Exterior Painters Eliminate Headaches

Make sure your exterior painters know how important customer satisfaction and value is to you. Eliminating the problems that can occur with any project off your plate and making things go smoothly is the exterior painter’s job. A lot is in the planning; if your exterior painter plans thoroughly, it makes the whole customer experience smooth.

7. A Exterior Painter Should Never Expect Full Payment

While some exterior painters may request a deposit before commencing the exterior paintwork to purchase paint and alike. BEWARE of exterior painters who ask for full payment before the project is finished!  Or exterior painters who request draws ahead of schedule. If they are unable to finish the job without advancement; something is wrong and “shortcuts” will happen. Work out an exterior painting payment plan in writing. Keep records of payments and draws paid to the exterior painting contractor. If changes to the scope do occur; document them clearly & keep records. You never know when you need that information as proof.

8. Exterior Painters Who Give Back

Often pride and integrity is indicated by displaying positive actions in the community, service commitments and giving back. This should play a factor in choosing your 

9. Green Painting Contractors

​Ask your exterior painter what measures they practice to protect the environment. Exterior paint and materials can be very harmful to our ecosystem. Find out how your exterior painter disposes of leftover materials and make sure your Jacksonville exterior painters are 

Exterior Painting Methods

Watch your exterior painters painting your Jacksonville, FL home. Remember, even the best exterior painters, using the best paints have drips and the occasional spills. Make sure your exterior painter follows the general “rules of thumb” painting order below.

​Preparation (This key element cannot be overlooked) 

  • Preparing the surfaces for exterior painting is one of the most important aspects involved.
  • Caulking and priming/surface conditioners.
  • Clean surfaces, free of dust, chalk, and efflorescence. 

Ceilings (under eaves, porch, and overhang ceilings)

  • They should paint a 2-4-inch wide strip on the ceiling where it meets the wall.
  • A good exterior painter should work across the short side to maintain a wet edge.
  • Applying multiple coats? Use a “crosshatch” method. It promotes better coverage.


  • Most Jacksonville exterior painters use a roller or brush (depending on the surfaces).
  • Start at the top of the wall and work horizontally on the horizontal siding and vertically on vertical siding. 


  • Prep is paramount. Extensive preparation is very important. 
  • Watch the exterior painter’s techniques while they paint molding, shutters, windows, and doors. This should be a smooth process and usually a slick finish as a result.

Floor (porches and decks)

  • When painting over existing surfaces; make sure they test the previous finish. This is important!
  • An experienced exterior painter knows to start in a corner diagonally opposite the exit.
  • Paint a 2-4-inch wide strip on the floor where it meets the wall and make sure to roll it into the wet strip.
  • Start in a corner and work across the short side to maintain a wet edge.

Lead Paint RulesJacksonville exterior painting clients need to know; sanding, scraping or any paint removal process may generate dust or fumes that contain lead. Exposure to lead dust or fumes may cause brain damage or other adverse health effects, especially in children or pregnant women. Exterior painters must control exposure to lead or other hazardous substances. This requires the use of protective equipment, such as a properly fitting respirator (NIOSH approved), proper containment, and cleanup. For more info. on lead warnings while exterior painting in Jacksonville, FL, call the National Lead Information Center at 1-800-424-LEAD (in the U.S.) or contact your local health authority. Make sure your exterior painting is done safely by a licensed and insured exterior painting contractor.